Back On Track With Partnership 2 Success

It’s been a while, since I had written a blog post, let alone going forward with my online journey with Partnership 2 Success.

For everything, there is a reason, and it’s not just procrastinating or a wrong mindset.

In my case, it was a lot of bad luck with my financial situation as well as health issues, which kept me from going forward.

I’m not seeking any excuses for the above, but my number one priority at that moment was getting well again, and bettering my financial problems.

As of this moment, both problems are something from the past, and is it time to get back on track with the Partnership 2 Success program, I started 3 years ago.

Two years ago I started my first product, but did not complete it for the above reasons. Going through it again, I noticed that some things had changed, so that is one of the first things I will have to update.

I was a member of the Partnership to Success program in 2013 and 2014, so when I saw that John Thornhill started a new 2016 Partnership 2 Success program with an upgrade option for exiting members, I signed up again.

I know that a lot of the content will be the same as in the 2014 program, but knowing that a lot has changed in the last 2 years, it will be money well invested.

The most important aspect of joining the program again is the ongoing support of John, his team, and fellow Partnership students.

What have I been doing the last couple of weeks?

The first thing I did was transform my blog. I was using the Flexibility theme which was used in the 2013 program. I already had bought the Optimize Press 2.0 theme, but had not yet installed it on my blog.

After installing Optimize Press 2.0 on my blog I discovered that some things did not change with the theme, for example, the widgets I had installed on the Flexibility theme did not appear in Optimize Press 2.0, so I had to figure out how to correct this problem.

Fortunately, I’m a techy guy, so it was not a big issue for me, but it did take some time because I had no experience whatsoever with Optimize Press.

As you can see now, I got everything sorted out, and in my opinion, it looks great.

The second thing I had to do was create a new compelling offer to give away. Also, a new squeeze page as well as a new thank you page had to be created for this compelling offer.

Both the squeeze page and the thank you page were created with Optimize Press. Again, it took some time to get the hang of it, but as with all new things it comes with a learning curve.

The next thing was to get my Autoresponder set, and write new follow-up emails for my new list.

The next step will be to start driving traffic to my squeeze page and start building my list.  I do have a list of about 450 people, but I need to revive that list of people so that they get to know me again.

This reviving a list thing is something I have to figure out because I have no idea how to do this, but my main objective is to start driving traffic to my squeeze page.

Which source of traffic I will be using I do not know yet, but I am considering using Facebook ads. Again a learning curve, but I am confident that it will work out.

I will continue to write about my progress, good or bad so that others can benefit from my experience.

And the journey continues…

Until the next time.

Handtekening Frank Claassen

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2 thoughts on “Back On Track With Partnership 2 Success”

  1. Hello Frank, I’m happy to see that you are back on track. Your site looks great. It is easy to navigate and I enjoyed reading the topics you have covered. I’m looking forward to reading more!

    Life can certainly present stumbling blocks and challenges – I’ve had my share. The important thing is to deal with them, as you have, set a new course and move forward. Congrats and welcome back to your online journey.

    These days I’m focusing on affiliate marketing and loving it. If you ever need a hand with anything, I’m always glad to help.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Jude,

      Thanks for your kinds words. Life is a challenge all together and yet after we fall, we stand up and try again.
      In my opinion one can apply this to an online challenge. The key to success is taking action and never to give up..

      – Frank

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