How To Make Money Online

A question many people search online is “How to Make Money Online.”

There are many reasons why someone would want to make money online. One reason could be that you are unemployed or you have small kids and cannot take on any job or maybe you just would like to be your own boss.

Whatever reason you have to want to make money online, this blog post is not important. What is important is the how you make money online part.

The successful Internet Maker would say it is very easy to make money online, while someone just beginning would say it is not easy at all.

Most beginners make the big mistake of buying everything there is, when it comes to products about making money online. (Shining Object Syndrome).

Some of these products are good, but a lot of them are making the creator of the product a lot of money while leaving you still with unanswered questions, and an empty bank account.

The easiest way to start is by selling someone else’s product and receiving a commission on every sale (Affiliate marketing). To do this you do not even need your own website, but I recommend you do have one for reasons I will explain later.

Good place to find products to promote is Clickbank and JvZoo.

For JvZoo, you will need a PayPal account to receive commissions while on Clickbank you will receive a check at your home address.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Choose a product, sell it to someone, and receive commissions. Well, it is not as simple as it sounds. You might have bought a product in the past telling you the same, but the thing they left out was, how do I get people to the sales page of the product so that they can buy it so that I can collect a commission?

In my opinion, there a two ways you can accomplish this. One is to drive traffic (visitors) to the sales page of the product while the other way is to send an email to a list of subscribers with a link to the sales page.

There is a free way and paid way to get traffic to a sales page. The free way, as it says, is free but can take some time before you see results.

The paid way is instant traffic and will get you results faster. The more you pay, the more traffic you will get.

If you want to know how to get free traffic, then I recommend that you take a look at a product my mentor created, which is called Simple Traffic Solutions. For a very small price, you will know everything about getting free traffic.

And yes, it’s an affiliate link, meaning if you decide to buy Simple Traffic Solutions through this link, I will receive a small commission.

You can get paid traffic by buying solo ads or Facebook ads. With solo ads, you buy a certain amount of clicks (visitors) from someone with a big email list, and he will send an email with your affiliate link to his list of subscribers.

This is instant traffic and works very well. A good place to find solo ads is here –  This is no affiliate link.

Reed Floren has created a website with all the solo ads he has purchased in the past, with the results (Good or bad) he got from them. This is a good place to find quality solo ad sellers.

With Facebook ads, I have no experience, and therefore cannot recommend any product. If you are interested in Facebook ads, just do your research on Google or on Facebook to find out how this works.

By the way, paid traffic is not limited to these two ways, but these are the two ways I know that work.

The second way is to build a list of subscribers. To do this you need a website with an optin form to capture leads (Email addresses). If you look at the top of my website, you will see such an optin form.

After entering your email address, you will be directed to a download page where you can download a free gift for your subscription. At the same time, your email address is added to my Autoresponder.

An Autoresponder is a computer program that automatically collects email addresses, and delivers a series of emails to new opt-in subscribers at any time you want.

One of the best Autoresponders and affordable available is Traffic Wave, which I highly recommend because I use it myself.

When you have a list of subscribers, you can send one email to all your subscribers promoting an affiliate product. When they click on the link in the email message, and buy the product, you will receive a commission.

The successful Internet Marketer who says it’s easy to make money online is someone who has thousands of subscribers, so when he sends an email to those thousands of subscribers promoting a product, he will make a lot of sales for the product owner, and therefore receive a lot of commissions.

Building a list can take some time, but it can grow fast depending on the time and money to want to invest in list building.

If you want to know how to build a list fast, then I highly recommend My Lead Gen Secret from Jim Harmon. Here you can earn 100 to 200 fresh leads a day.

You can also click on the banner below to access more information about this product.

My Lead Gen Secret

Making money online can be easy once you have everything set up and have a big list of subscribers, but before you get there, you will have to invest some money and a lot of time and hard work.

There are many ways to make money online, but this is only one of them.

One thing you must not do if you want to succeed, and that is never to give up. A fast way to get started is get yourself a mentor. A mentor will help you get started the right way. A good mentor is not cheap, but he will guarantee that you will succeed if you do as he teaches you.

If you are looking for a good mentor, why not try John Thornhill? He is my current mentor. Just Google John Thornhill reviews, and you will find out what kind of mentor he is.

You can also visit his coaching program, Partnership to Success Program here.

I know that what I have written above is not the holy grail of how to make money online, but the above is based on my own experience of how it can be achieved.

Let me know what your thoughts are by commenting below, and feel free to share this blog by using the buttons to your left.

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  1. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment.
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    However I was delighted to see that this post is recommending my own list building product! Thank you so much, and good luck in pressing on with your ventures in 2015


  2. Hey Frank!
    Making money is indeed a challenging task and I think your idea of taking up an online business can assist several struggling individuals.
    Thanks for such an idea.

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