Information Overload And How To Overcome It

Information Overload

Information overload is just two words but what those 2 words stand for can cause a lot of stress.

Everybody especially people just starting out will in due time experience the problem of information overload.

I’ve been there and know what I’m talking about. How does one get to this point and how do you overcome information overload?

Every person starts out looking for information on how to get started or how to make a quick buck. They start out by subscribing to every email list that has interesting information or just subscribing to get that free eBook that you will never read.

Believe me when I say this because I have a hard drive full of eBooks which I have never looked into let alone read. Everybody just starting out is very enthusiastic and takes on all the information and resources just to find that piece of information that they can use.

Information overload is about learning and researching, only to find yourself covered by so much information. In due time they find themselves running around in circles jumping from one piece of information to another without really focusing on just one aspect.

After a while, they just give up because they can’t make any sense of all that information or simply just not know how to use it to their benefit. Overcoming information overload isn’t all too difficult, but it can take some time before you truly beat the confusion and the difficulties.

The best way to overcome all of that information is by concentrating on just one aspect of your business. Don’t confuse yourself by learning everything all at one time because that’s almost impossible to do. The first thing you need to do is set your goals.

What I mean by that is, what do you want to achieve? If you want to learn how to build a website then just stick with that until you are able to build one.

Don’t let yourself get carried away by trying to search for content while you’re still building the website or building backlinks.  Build the website first then look for content and then start back linking. Stick with the one thing until it’s finished and then move on to the next step.

I know it’s difficult but believe me; it will take you much more time if you don’t and in the end, you probably won’t like what you have created and start all over again.

Take your time, do your research on just that one aspect until you are happy with the results, and then move on to the next step. Unsubscribe from email lists that don’t provide you with the information you need.

Reading all these emails is time-consuming and only gets you more confused with information you don’t need. Delete information that is not relevant to the goals you set. Organize the information that you gathered either as an eBook, video, newsletter, software, etc…

Store them in different folders on your computer according to the type of information for future use. Learn how to focus and finish what you have started before moving on. Don’t let yourself get distracted by the next shining object.

The information that you have deleted because it’s not relevant at this point will always be available on the Internet and probably more up-to-date also. No point in gathering information you don’t need just to fill your hard drive.

Look for a mentor who will take you by the hand each step of the way preventing you from wandering off. After I organized my information and deleted all distractions and started focusing on just one thing, I accomplished what I set out to do.

The hardest part for a newbie is finding the starting point and moving on to the next step without getting distracted by the next best thing.

Finding the next step is the next challenge if you don’t know how the process works. My advice to you will be to stop wasting your time and find a mentor and all the puzzle pieces will come together without the entire hassle and information overload.

It all comes down to discipline and focus. When I realized this, it became a lot easier, and was able to complete the goals I wanted to achieve.

If reading this post is too much for you, try watching this cool video!

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