Partnership To Success – My Journey – Week 3

This is my third week in the Partnership To Success program.

This week is all about Monetizing Your Blog.

As I have said before, the first two weeks have been relatively easy for me because I already knew the stuff that was being taught.

Week three is no exception because monetizing your blog with Adsense was something that I had been doing from day one and had already made a few dollars.

Now you may be wondering why I joined the Partnership To Success program if I already knew everything.

Well, it´s true that these three weeks were pretty easy for me and the next three weeks won’t be too hard either but this program is just starting and there are still 49 weeks to go.

The best and for me the most interesting part has yet to start and this is where I will be learning from the master himself (John Thornhill) how to create a successful product.

This week was all about Adsense and how to create links. If you don’t have an Adsense account yet, John showed you in last week’s lesson how to get one.

The first series of videos was all about Adsense basics and where to place these ads on your blog.

Furthermore, John explicitly told us not to click on the Adsense ads on our own blog because Google will notice it and they will suspend your account.

The last series of videos was all about how to create links on your blog and in your posts.  These links could be links to another blog or just links to an affiliate offer.

An example of a link is this link: CLICK HERE

This week I will add Adsense ads to my blog and also be adding links to my posts.

Follow me on my journey in the Partnership To Success program and check out my blog regularly for new posts.  If you like what you read, please share the content with your friends by using the social links to your left.


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