Partnership To Success – My Journey – Week 4

This is my fourth week of the Partnership To Success program and this week is all about registering for Aweber (Autoresponder) and a couple of Social Media Networks plus activating the Top Side Bar of the Flexibility 3 theme.

Before we go further, I want to share with you the results of the monetization of my blog which we did last week. As you may recall I added Adsense to my blog and in one week I had already made $3.60. 

It’s no big amount but it shows you that it does work and I hope that it will continue to make money during my journey and beyond.

Now to get back to week 4 of the Partnership To Success program.

I already had an account with Aweber and of course, already made several lists and added a follow-up sequence to these lists.

But if you didn’t have an Aweber account you had the opportunity to sign up and follow the steps laid out in the videos on how to create a list and a follow-up sequence.

In the video, I was encouraged to sign up for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn but I already had a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account and at this moment in time, I will not sign up for LinkedIn until I think it’s necessary for my business.

Furthermore, I already had activated the Top Side Bar in the Flexibility 3 theme and already had added several widgets to the Top Side Bar with one of them being an opt-in form with a free gift to capture leads to build my list.

At this moment in the Partnership To Success program, I will keep the ads in the Top Side Bar as it is until I feel that a change is necessary or get good advice to do it differently.

I placed the Social Media icons below my opt-in form so that visitors can connect with me through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and RSS.

All in all, it was an interesting week, and had learned a thing or two and the coming weeks I will be transforming my blog even further.

Follow me on my journey in the Partnership To Success program and check out my blog regularly for new posts.  If you like what you read, please share the content with your friends by using the social links to your left.  

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